To help you manage your diabetes, we evaluate your needs and offer a plan tailored to your individual unique lifestyle. Our comprehensive services include:

• Intensive Diabetes Care and Management
• Physician Consultation
• Medication Management
• Self-Care and Self-Management
• Individual Education
• Group Educational Classes
• Diabetic Express

Diabetes services

Diabetes is a condition which may require input from a number of health professionals including:

Doctors , Diabetologist ,endocrinologist

Diabetes specialists nurses (DSN’s)

Retinal photographers

Health care assistants





Mechanism of Diabetic care :
1) Typically, doctors assess patients, make diagnoses, choose treatments, and guide care.
2)  Doctors or Diabetes specialists nurses (DSN’s) and dieticians provide education regarding diabetes and its treatment, interpret blood glucose readings, adjust insulin dosages, and provide dietary advice.
3) Our health care assistants are adept at teaching blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections.
4) Podiatrists care for people with diabetic foot problems, and retinal photographers take photographs of the back of patients’ eyes at annual review.
5) The support officer and diabetes secretaries make appointments, answer patient’s phone calls, and provide GP with letters detailing a patient’s appointment.


Out of Hours Adult Diabetes Urgent Care
On call Telephone Service (starting JULY 2014)

We have recently received numerous urgent calls and humble request for an Out of Hours Adult Diabetes Urgent Care On call Telephone Service, which will be in operation soon.

This service is aimed at providing urgent care to adults with Type 1 and 2 diabetes under the care of "Dr.Raj's Diabetic care centre" experiencing problems such as illness with ketones and/or very high blood glucose levels, severe hypoglycaemia, insulin pump failure, etc.
The educator on call will not be able to help with routine queries like appointment changes, insulin pump supplies, medication changes, etc.
This service will run from 4pm to 9am the following morning on week days and it is 24 hours per day on weekends.

Advance minimal fee chargeable for those without "Sweet G" member card.

The number to access this telephone service is 01xxxxxxxx

During normal working hours (9am - 4pm) on week days, this number will divert to the Diabetes Specialist Nurses’ answer machine (01xxxxxxxxxxx).

Business cards with the telephone number will be available in the diabetic centre.


To make an appointment, call our staff nurse at 03-42855570. We also accept walk in patients.